Edit VMware Fusion Client Machine Serial Number and Model

To set a serial number, add the following line(s) to your VMX file.

Editing the VMX file link: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/1014782

Since trying to enroll Ventura machines into Jamf Pro I have found these settings necessary

To get it to enroll as a Computer in Jamf, you’ll need to remove the existing enrollment profile, shut down fully (not suspend/sleep) your VM, edit the VM’s .vmx file (right-click the VM and select Show Package contents to find the .vmx file) with a text editor, and set the following:

SMBIOS.use12CharSerialNumber = "TRUE"
serialNumber = "SERIAL"
hw.model = "MODEL"
serialNumber.reflectHost = "FALSE"
hw.model.reflectHost = "FALSE"
smbios.reflectHost = "FALSE" 


Right Click on the Shut-Down or Off VM you wish to edit – The VM MUST be powered down/off for this to work – the Control Click to reveal Show Config File in Finder

Edit this file by adding these lines:

serialNumber = "C02XXXXXX153"
hw.model = "iMacPro1,1"



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