Cylance Privacy Preferences Policy Control and Tokenizer, Activation Script

macOS Mojave introduced a security feature that allows third-party applications to access protected user data. Cylance recommends that customers running macOS Mojave and later allow the Full Disk Access permission for all Cylance Smart Antivirus services. Not enabling Full Disk Access could affect agent functions such as Background Threat Detection and Memory Protection.

Administrators can use one of the following methods to ensure that the Cylance Smart Antivirus services have the full disk access they need:

Create a Privacy Preferences Policy Control profile
Create a manual exception


Activate Cylance

#remove old version of Cylance if exists
/Applications/Cylance/Uninstall\\ CylancePROTECT --noui --password=supersecret
sleep 15
#install latest Cylance version with install token
echo rfgsergsefgsfgsdfg > /private/tmp/Cylance/cyagent_install_token 
installer -pkg /private/tmp/Cylance/CylancePROTECT.pkg -target / -verbose
rm /private/tmp/Cylance/cyagent_install_token


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