Shortcuts URL scheme support guidance

The Shortcuts URL scheme allows you to open the app, create, run, or edit a shortcut, and interact with the Gallery in the Shortcuts app. URL schemes can be used anywhere a URL can be used—your own app, in a web browser, or in the command line. Shortcuts also supports a URL scheme.

This works as follows:
Opens the Shortcuts app.

Opens the Gallery with Shortcuts that have been premade by Apple.

shortcuts://gallery/search?query=[search words]
Searches the gallery for the search word. URL encoding is required to use multiple search words.

Creates a new shortcut and opens that shortcut in the editor.

Opens the shortcut in the editor that has the specified name. URL encoding is required.

shortcuts://run-shortcut?name=[name]&input=[see note]&text=[see note]
Executes a shortcut, optionally including an input.

Note: The parameters “input” and “text” are optional. If you pass “clipboard” to input, the clipboard is passed as input. If you pass “text” to input, the parameter “text” is retrieved and the text stored there is passed as input. There, URL encoding is required.


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