macOS Gatekeeper status and settings

To set macOS Gatekeeper to allow applications from “Anywhere” involves a change in the system’s security preferences. By default, macOS is set to only allow apps downloaded from the App Store and identified developers to protect against malware. Allowing apps from “Anywhere” exposes systems to increased security risks.

How to Disable Gatekeeper in macOS Terminal:
sudo spctl --master-disable

How to Re-Enable Gatekeeper in macOS Terminal:
sudo spctl --master-enable

How to Check Status of Gatekeeper in macOS Terminal:
1. If Gatekeeper is enabled, you will see assessments enabled. This means that macOS is restricting app installations to either the App Store or identified developers.
2. If Gatekeeper is disabled (i.e., allowing apps from “Anywhere”), you will see assessments disabled.
spctl --status

This command provides a list of all rules that Gatekeeper is using to allow or block applications. Listing a complete picture of what Gatekeeper is allowing in macOS Terminal:
spctl --list

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  1. One report says that a Tenable Plugin 56568 ( has misinterpreted, per report: Saw some, the explanation of the plugin wasn’t helpful. Eventually I figured out that some Macs had gatekeeper set to allow software from anywhere, rather than App Store / App Store and identified developers.

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