DJI Ryze Tello Drone

Ryze Tello WiFi Extender/Repeater Tutorial: New Alternative to Mi WiFi Repeater by TP-Link DJI Tello Range Test | TP Link N300 Wifi Repeater Equipment

What’s Keeping My Mac Awake

pmset -g assertions link: If you are looking for the complete option like I was: sudo systemsetup -setcomputersleep Never

Set Hostname, ComputerName, LocalHostName

Setting Hostname, ComputerName, LocalHostName : Example scutil --set HostName eddiesnotesmac.local scutil --set ComputerName eddiesnotesmac scutil --set LocalHostName eddiesnotesmac Checking Hostname, ComputerName, LocalHostName : Example scutil --get HostName # name associated…

Remove known_hosts

How To Fix the “Warning: Remote Host Identification Has Changed” Error (on Windows and Mac). If you are confident in the change(s) that caused this error, remove rm .ssh/known_hosts

Printer Information : lpstat

NAME lpstat - print cups status information DESCRIPTION lpstat displays status information about the current classes, jobs, and printers. When run with no arguments, lpstat will list active jobs queued…